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Business Lines of Credit- The Funding Circle
Start:  Tuesday, Mar 10, 2020  6:30 PM
End:  Tuesday, Mar 10, 2020  8:30 PM

Homesmart Realty
498 Kings Hwy N
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034   directions   parking »

Hosted By: Joe Scorese

Event Features: Business Networking

South Jersey Real Estate EDUCATION NETWORK March 10th, 2020 2ND Tuesday of the Month 6:30pm-8:30pm HomeSmart Real Estate 498 Kings Hwy N. Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 Presented By: Eric Mauz, Owner MB Capital Solutions Overview: Business Lines of Credit- The Funding Circle If you?re looking for flexible short-term funding for your business, a business line of credit could be exactly what you need, as it gives you access to a specific amount of money that you can dip into on an ongoing basis. As a real estate professional, there?s no shortage to the unpredictable scenarios that may come your way: a new real estate purchase opportunity, unforeseen repairs on a home you are rehabbing, or a rental that needs some upgrades before renting to your new tenant. A business line of credit can take the pressure off any cash flow issues that come your way and keep your operations running smoothly. Eric will dig into the following: What is a business line of credit?

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